Send Demurrages Charges to Accounting Overview

The client may include the ULD demurrage charges in the CGOAUD6 accounting file, along with the current air waybill information. This section provides an overview of this feature.

Setup Parameters and Support Tables    top.gif

The following are required to set up LMS to include the ULD demurrage charges in the CGOAUD6 accounting file.

Inform Unisys

Clients must submit a contact informing Unisys that they want to include ULD demurrage charges in the CGOAUD6 accounting file.  Unisys will then work with the client to setup the client’s environment.

Setup Parameters

This feature is controlled by the U$6ACC parameter.  The U$6ACC parameter determines whether ULD demurrage charges are to be included in the CGOAUD6 accounting file.  When U$6ACC is set to N (this is the default), ULD demurrage charges are not included in the CGOAUD6 file.  

When U$6ACC is set to Y, ULD demurrage charges are included in the CGOAUD6 file.  The following other parameters must also be set with non-blank values:

Synchronize the ULD Control participant account numbers with accounting

The customer account numbers in the ULD Control module must have account numbers that are known to the accounting system.  In order to align account number between accounting and the ULD Control Module participants, the new Change Participant Account Numbers (UABCPA) batch process is provided to change existing account numbers in the ULD Control module to the account numbers in the accounting system as provided by the client.  This program can be used at any time to change participant account numbers in the ULD Control module as needed.

The client provides the input file in a comma delimited (CSV) formatted ASCII file containing the Old Account Number, New Account Number, Carrier Code, Participant Name, and Participant Station fields.

A UABCPA Output Report file is generated with the results of the change requests. The report output can be sent to an E-Mail address supplied by the client. The generated comma delimited file (CSV) is attached to the outgoing email.  An example of the report is as follows.


ULD Control  *** Account Number Update Results *** Date:  01OCT10 01:50:45


Old Account Number

New Account Number

Carrier Code

Participant Name

Participant Station



















Number Of Records Read: 2



Number Of Participants Updated: 1



Number Of Carriers Updated: 1



Number Of Records Rejected: 1



ULD Participant Information    top.gif

When the U$6ACC parameter is set to Y and a new participant is being created, LMS verifies the account number is a valid Cargo participant account number.  The client should ensure that participants are created in Participant Information function before creating the participant using the ULD Participant Information function.

The “Exclude from Accounting” check box must be manually checked for the participants whose demurrage charged the client wants to exclude from accounting.  This field may be updated prior to setting the U$6ACC parameter to Y.

ULD LUC Exchange    top.gif

When this feature is enabled, the following business rules are applied.

The “Release to Accounting” indicator is set depending on the value of the participant’s “Exclude from Accounting” indicator when writing to the Participant Control Receipt List file.  

Participant Control Receipt List     top.gif

The Participant Control Receipt List function includes the new column to the list table titled “Released to Accounting” after the “Total Charges” field.  Values are:



Not yet released to accounting



Not to be released to accounting *



Date when the demurrage charges were released to accounting.

* Demurrage charges are excluded from being released to accounting for any of the following reasons:

1) The “Exclude from Accounting” check box is checked for the participant on the ULD Participant Information function.

2) The participant does not have an account number.

3) The entry is for a LUC Out.

4) The demurrage charge was created before the functionality was enabled that released demurrage charges to accounting.

Create Demurrage Charges File (UABACC)    top.gif

The UABACC batch program creates an accounting file of ULD demurrage charges.  This file is merged into the CGOAUD6 file by the Cargo CAUTDM program.

UABACC creates a UABACC file (in CGOAUD6 accounting file format) of demurrage charges from the ULD Control module using information from the Participant Control Receipt List records.  This process sets the “released to accounting” indicators to a value of one after processing the participant control receipt so those receipts are not included in the next data extract.  

The following business assumptions should be noted.

UABACC provides audit controls to ensure all ULD demurrage charges are included in the UABACC file as appropriate.

This file is then used by the Cargo CAUTDM process to merge the ULD demurrage charges into the CGOAUD6 accounting file.

Create Accounting File CGOAUD6 (CAUTDM)    top.gif

The CAUTDM is setup to read the UABACC file generated by the ULD Control module, and merges it into the accounting CGOAUD6 file.  CAUTDM reads the UABACC file, moves the Demurrage “air waybills” to the output CGOAUD6 file, and increments the counters in the ZZ record for the number of air waybills and number of records to reflect both air waybills and ULD demurrage charges.